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Retail News, Insight and Jobs
April 20, 2013
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Retail Reputations: A Risky Business

Retail Reputations: A Risky Business

Today, you can find information in seconds through a simple Internet search that results in company-generated content, customer comments, and user reviews and ratings. All you need to do now is to pay attention to social media to hear a range of opinions and reviews about a specific retailer or brand. Retailers are striving for loyal customers and a shopping experience that satisfies customer expectations. As a consumer, you can research products, find out about return policies, general pricing, or service issues, but there's one important piece of information missing--can you trust the retailer's security and how they protect your information?

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Market Watch- Hosiery Industry
Market Watch- Hosiery Industry (Premium) - View Free Sample
Industry informed sources estimate that the hosiery business in Kolkata is worth around Rs.2000 crore and growing at about 20 per cent year on year. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email

Retail Planning- Store Design and Layout Made Easy (Premium) - View Free Sample
Here is an easy step-by-step guide to create smashing store layouts that will make your customers come back again and again. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email

MBOs- A Game Changer
MBOs- A Game Changer (Premium) - View Free Sample
We at, Wazir Advisors, recently completed a report on Potential of Branded Apparel in India and one of the most startling fact that came out was that even the most penetrated apparel brands weren't easily accessible to even 20 per cent of their potential consumers. Alarmed by this fact, we dug deeper in our quest to identify the reasons and hindrances and also to find possible ways to overcome this. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email

Retailers And Banks: Finding The Path To The Ultimate Alliance

Retailers And Banks: Finding The Path To The Ultimate Alliance
Kurt Salmon

In recent years, the relationship between bank card issuers and retailers has not always been rosy. But as retailers face a host of strategic issues -technological advancements, competitive shifts and changing consumer behaviour - and card issuers face their own economic, technological and competitive challenges, the time is ripe for that to change.

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TRRAIN Retail Awards
TRRAIN Retail Awards (Premium) - View Free Sample
TRRAIN, Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India, which registered December 12 as the retail employees' day, organised its second annual award ceremony where it felicitated retail associates from all across the country for their exemplary customer service. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email

Out Of The (Big) Box- Lord & Taylor store Design
Out Of The (Big) Box- Lord & Taylor store Design (Premium) - View Free Sample
An ultramodern and brilliant example of retail design, the newly launched Lord & Taylor store at Ridge Hill, NY, defies any previous typical stereotyping of what a department store should look like. Created by Giorgio Borruso Design and Marina del Ray, the new store concept evolves the image of the brand and takes it to the next level. . Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email

Window Display- Bergdorf Goodman
Window Display- Bergdorf Goodman (Premium) - View Free Sample
Fantasy, drama and extraordinary fashion come together to create spectacle at the Bergdorf Goodman windows this holiday season, where the luxury retailer revives the theatrical wonders of the Jazz Age. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email

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Experience 0-2 yearsRs 12,000 - 18,000 Mumbai
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Experience 0-2 years Vijayawada
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Experience:5-8 years Rajkot (Gujarat)
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Experience:2-5 years Mumbai
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Experience:2-3 years Kolkata
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Experience:10+ years Gurgaon (Upto Rs 40 Lakhs)
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Experience: 4 - 9 years Gurgaon
Experience: 7 - 12 years Bengaluru/Bangalore
Experience: 4 - 9 years Ahmedabad
Experience: 4 - 9 years Bengaluru/Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi/NCR
Experience: 8 - 12 years Bengaluru/Bangalore
Experience: 6 - 10 years Noida, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Ludhiana
Experience: 7 - 12 years Mumbai
Experience: 8 - 13 years Mumbai
Experience: 8 - 13 years Mumbai
Experience: 4 - 9 years Mumbai, Mumbai Suburbs
Experience: 6 - 9 years Mumbai
Experience: 4 - 9 years Delhi/NCR, Mumbai Suburbs, Pune

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