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March 1, 2013
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10 Reasons Why Accurate Inventory Is Important 10 Reasons Why Accurate Inventory Is Important

If you're a small business selling inventory then you are sure to have come across some of the pitfalls it entails, but getting it right could be more important than you think. Accurate inventory underpins the rest of your business from making sure you can come through on promises to your customers, to getting your accounting right for those all-important audits, whilst inaccurate inventory causes inefficiency across your business. So take a look at our ten top tips for getting it right.

A Race To The Bottom: How To Survive In The New Retail Environment

A Race To The Bottom: How To Survive In The New Retail Environment

The retail industry has reached a critical tipping point. The formula for retail success is changing. Survival will likely require retailers to determine the basis on which they compete over the next three to five years and develop a differentiated strategy to win in the market. By effectively executing on a core set of operating strategies, retailers are likely to avoid a race to the bottom.

The Survival Of Mid-Size Grocery Retailers The Survival Of Mid-Size Grocery Retailers
Len Kaplan, Vice President of Sales at Intesource Inc., Phoenix

As Wal-Mart, Target and other major retailers continue to expand their market share with hard-to-match prices, it's more difficult than ever before to survive as a mid-size grocery retailer. Without the comparable buying power of Wal-Mart, stretching already razor-thin margins further just doesn't impact the bottom line like it used to. To compete against the 'big boys' and profit in today's volatile economy, mid-sized grocery retailers need to take a new approach to sourcing.

The Rs 5000 crore footwear component industry
The Rs 5000 crore footwear component industry (Premium) - View Free Sample
The backbone of the footwear industry, the hamstrung 5,000-crore component sector urgently needs a major infrastructural boost. Bhavya Misra explores the segment.

The Building Blocks of attracting Customers
The Building Blocks of attracting Customers (Premium) - View Free Sample
The key to attracting customers is developing a marketing strategy that forms a solid foundation for your promotional efforts -- by implementing advertising, direct mail, social media and one-to-one sales efforts. Some invaluable tips from Barbara Wold.

Shoes Segment Play- Causal Formal
Shoes Segment Play- Causal Formal (Premium) - View Free Sample
The versatile moccasin aka loafer offers innumerable combinations for umpteen occasions. More appropriately it defines ease and comfort for the user. Mohit Bhardwaj looks back and forth at this chic-relaxed shoe style.

Why is India not leading the raw leather industry
Why is India not leading the raw leather industry (Premium) - View Free Sample
Dearth of adequate infrastructure is a affecting the growth of leather industry in India. While estimated figures show a positive direction, a lot remains to be done.

The Mandate For Multichannel Retail: Evaluating Supply Chain Models

The Mandate For Multichannel Retail: Evaluating Supply Chain Models

Retailing has entered a new age and retailers can choose among six different supply chain models to operationally support seamless multichannel shopping experiences. In making this choice, each retailer will have to decide between independent and shared supply chains, and whether to build them internally or through outsourcing. These choices will depend on the retailer's overall value creation proposition. Each retailer has a distinctive "way to play" that combines a business model, customer expectations, and distinctive capabilities to set a strategy for driving growth, profitability, and long-term success.

Retailing In Digital Age

Retailing In Digital Age
Nicholas Hodson,Thom Blischok, and Matthew Egol

Technology is shaping the way grocery retailers compete for shoppers. New forms of online grocery shopping are also on the rise. More than half of all shoppers now use technology as part of their grocery shopping routine, according to research by Booz & Company. So what are traditional grocery retailers to do in the face of these technology trends? They need to reassess their 'way to play'--their overall strategic value proposition.

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