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January 11, 2013
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What's Driving Tomorrow's Retail Experience

What's Driving Tomorrow's Retail Experience
Motorola Solutions

Decades ago, retail was based on relationships: When people walked through the front door, the merchant personally greeted them and asked how they could help. Customers trusted the merchant to help them with what they needed and educate them about new items on the shelf. Over time, the personalized approach was lost and consumers no longer felt the same loyalty to the retailer. Today, retailers are working to enhance their shoppers' experience, knowing that at the same time customers have options to shop wherever and whenever they want, often without stepping inside a store.

What young India thinks about FDI in Retail
What young India thinks about FDI in Retail (Premium) - View Free Sample
In the following pages, Harsh Raghunandan a high school graduate now headed to the US for higher studies, explains what FDI in retail means to him and his generation.

The Ripple Effects of FDI in Retail on India
The Ripple Effects of FDI in Retail on India (Premium) - View Free Sample
FDI will be a game-changer for the nascent modern retail segment of India. The benefits to the country will not be restricted to the inflow of funds from abroad but will radiate in all directions to positively impact every aspect of the retail industry and even the society at large.

The FabIndia Way of doing things
The FabIndia Way of doing things (Premium) - View Free Sample
Running in its 52nd Year, brand FabIndia has experienced many strategy changes keeping its core value of benefiting rural India intact. 'Images Retail' delves into its business strategies.

Time for an Indi-cafe to take over the world
Time for an Indi-cafe to take over the world (Premium) - View Free Sample
When subtle but elegant style meets great service or the Food and Beverage compliments a design to form a tale, a concept cafe is born. This F&B style, that is popular the world over, has already touched the Indian shores. Now it is time for some Indian to this Global concept.

Unique Retail Concepts- Laugh as you pour your own beer and get your shoe repaired
Unique Retail Concepts- Laugh as you pour your own beer and get your shoe repaired (Premium) - View Free Sample
At the comedy store in Palladium Mall, Mumbai laughter is taken quite seriously. It is a full bar, diner and caf , but with a difference-guests can enjoy their food and beverages in the auditorium while being entertained by the best stand-up comedians around the globe and, increasingly from India itself.

What will the impact of FDI be on IT Retailers
What will the impact of FDI be on IT Retailers (Premium) - View Free Sample
Indian Multi-brands IT retailers are still in a quandary. This adage reverberates ever so relevantly in today's Indian retail sector scenario like never before, especially as two schools of thought (both political as well as economical)debate over the benefits of FDI in multi-brand retail.

Western Womenswear in India- An in-depth report
Western Womenswear in India- An in-depth report (Premium) - View Free Sample
Womenswear is growing at a rapid rate though menswear still dominates the apparel category. Indian women have a more evolved fashion sense and style with global exposure and easy accessibility. Images BOF speaks to some brands and retailers dealing in women's westernwear and bring forth some of the bestselling trends in the stores this season.

Things Franchisees need to watch out for to ensure success (Premium) - View Free Sample
A good brand, great location and excellent service are not enough to stay afloat in a franchise business. These are tough times driven by cut-throat competition and cost-consciousness.

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