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12 Leading Payment Services for your Online Business (Premium) - PCquest
12 Leading Payment Services for your Online Business (Sample)
12 Leading Payment Services for your Online Business (Premium)

In this article, we take a look at some of the leading online payment services that you can integrate to your website to receive payments from your customers and clients. In order to make a business successful--big or small, it is vital to make the shopping experience easy for your customers. In conventional supermarket stores, such ease of shopping is accomplished by hiring trained staff to help customers. However, many organizations, especially those in the field of IT, are now turning to e-commerce as a viable option for marketing and selling their products and services. Simply put, e-commerce refers to the ability to sell your products and services online, using an e-marketplace such as eBay or, even better, your own website!. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email
Online Retailing- The Channel Forward (Premium) - Images Business of Fashion
Online Retailing- The Channel Forward (Sample)
Online Retailing- The Channel Forward (Premium)

WITH E-TAILING GROWING AT A FAST PACE IN INDIA, IT HAS BECOME IMPERATIVE FOR BRICK-AND-MORTAR RETAILERS TO INTEGRATE THIS CHANNEL. PRAGYA SINGH, PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT, RETAIL AND CONSUMER PRODUCTS, TECHNOPAK,TALKS ABOUT THIS EVOLVING MEDIUM. Retail e-commerce is perhaps the most written about retail topic in recent days. But this has not been an overnight phenomenon. During the mid-nineties VSNL introduced internet to India and it was during the noughties when internet penetration increased steadily and technological advancements enabled better online interfaces with safer transactions; and e-commerce inched into common man's life through travel retail, financial services and e-tailing; and the decade of 2010 is taking this phenomenon to the next level where it no longer can be ignored. The market size of e-commerce in India is estimated to be $14 billion in 2012 and is projected to reach $74 billion by 2017. E-tailing is essentially the selling of retail products and services through internet. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email

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