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Online Retailing- The Channel Forward (Sample)
Online Retailing- The Channel Forward (Premium)

WITH E-TAILING GROWING AT A FAST PACE IN INDIA, IT HAS BECOME IMPERATIVE FOR BRICK-AND-MORTAR RETAILERS TO INTEGRATE THIS CHANNEL. PRAGYA SINGH, PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT, RETAIL AND CONSUMER PRODUCTS, TECHNOPAK,TALKS ABOUT THIS EVOLVING MEDIUM. Retail e-commerce is perhaps the most written about retail topic in recent days. But this has not been an overnight phenomenon. During the mid-nineties VSNL introduced internet to India and it was during the noughties when internet penetration increased steadily and technological advancements enabled better online interfaces with safer transactions; and e-commerce inched into common man's life through travel retail, financial services and e-tailing; and the decade of 2010 is taking this phenomenon to the next level where it no longer can be ignored. The market size of e-commerce in India is estimated to be $14 billion in 2012 and is projected to reach $74 billion by 2017. E-tailing is essentially the selling of retail products and services through internet. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email