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Online Retail needs the IT thrust (Sample)
Online Retail needs the IT thrust (Premium)

The success of online retailer as the leading brand has redefined online commerce with many new players offering services like selling books to tickets. Today, in India maximum number of online dealings is made at Conducting business online is the easiest and fastest of the existing modes of business and transaction. Which is why, e-commerce is becoming immensely popular. Online retail is a major segment in B2C ecommerce as it allows one to buy anything from anywhere and even look for deals for items and services with other sellers. From phone bills to books, nowadays even tickets can be bought online. In fact, the maximum number of online dealings in India is made at Indian railways ticket website The first major success in online retail was, which started as an online bookstore and later started selling DVDs, MP3 downloads, software, video games, apparel, furniture, food, and toys. It is currently the world's largest online retailer. Amazon's success encouraged many leading bookstores to start their online stores. After Amazon, other sites such as and also started online shopping channels selling other things too. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email