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E-commerce- Will the boom sustain (Sample)
E-commerce- Will the boom sustain

E-commerce is a very exciting space for today's online community, and India's young start-up economy is going along for the ride. What happens when you see a cattle being sold on eBay--you roar with surprise, tweet it, Facebook it, and talk about it with your friends. When this happened yesterday, I did the same. This is the reality of the beginning of 2012. Tomorrow this would become a norm. This is why I say that 2011 has been a superb one for the Indian e-commerce businesses. We saw a surge in new e-commerce ventures like setting up of shops, funding flowed in, and companies blossomed. The executives from large firms started out on their own with e-commerce ventures. In a short period of time, e-commerce grabbed eyeballs, garnered attention of all the quarters, and generated enough traction from some brilliant minds to sustain it. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email