Have we reached 'peak AI hype' ?
Sree Vijaykumar
Sree Vijaykumar
From the Editor's Desk
You know you have reached 'peak AI hype' when a billboard in Bangalore from a local software reseller proclaims that they use Artificial Intelligence to solve your problems. Every day, newspapers proclaim how AI is going to take over your job and how machines will soon become smarter than you. Well, this is both true and false! Narrow AI is already present in your life (Siri, Google Search, Maps, etc). The algorithms here are getting smarter as more data is fed into them through our daily use. However, these are single use case applications, hence 'Narrow AI'. Also, they need training data, provided by us humans. We will see more and more of this, and yes, some jobs will disappear. However, as the market expands (due to easier and cheaper availability of AI), new jobs will emerge. Also, we are far far away from a time when machines become smarter than humans in the complete sense (The singularity, as they call it). Having said that, DeepMind (a Google company) has recently trained an algorithm to play against itself and master the Chinese game 'Go'. Here, no training dataset was required!

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