The uncertain future of democracy
Sree Vijaykumar
Sree Vijaykumar
From the Editor's Desk
Democracy is now in trouble in some of the most mature democracies in the world, says Joan Huey of the EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit). "We can now talk of a crisis." In fact, the decline of democracy has been measured. Every year since 2006, Hoey and her colleagues at the EIU have produced a report called the Democracy Index, which provides a comprehensive ranking of nearly every country in the world on a 10-point scale. It combines regional data and multiple surveys conducted in 167 countries to measure the quality of political processes, civil liberties, the functioning of government, public participation and political culture. Each country is then classed as a full democracy, flawed democracy, hybrid regime or authoritarian regime. The results of last year's report are sobering. Overall, the global average score fell with 72 countries dropping in the ranking compared to 2015, and just 38 moving up. The number of "full democracies" dropped from 20 to 19, with the US now classed as "flawed". More here

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