The E-commerce market is just heating up in India (Sample)
The E-commerce market is just heating up in India (Premium)

With numerous e-commerce players jumping on to the bandwagon, the market's just heating up for India. India is a hot market for e-commerce. While highly evolved markets in the West took almost 50 years to move from mom-and-pop stores to online stores and the virtual environment, India has accomplished this in just 2-3 years. This reflects the evolving nature of the market and the Indian consumer. New information technologies are changing the face of e-commerce business in India. We are at the tip of an iceberg and within a few years, will be able to tap the full potential of the Indian market. There are immense opportunities for all e-commerce business models to do well and reach out to the consumers across the county. The Indian e-commerce model is catching up rapidly with the global ones and we should expect rapid innovation soon. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email